worldwide shipping FAQ

Worldwide Shipping FAQ

Please find below frequently asked questions around our worldwide shipping service (you can find the myEU box FAQs here)

How does your worldwide shipping work ?

With a few clicks you can request shipping rates from various service providers. If you like one, simply click on it to create a draft shipping order. You will see all order details in the order view, click or tap on the cards and fill in all required details - just follow the instructions along the way.

As soon an order is validated by the system (adresses and content has been added) the option to 'proceed to checkout' will be given. Select your payment method and proceed.
In case of a card payment you will be redirected to our payment provider to enter your payment details. For invoice / EFT payment please download and pay the invoice into our bank account. Trusted customers can send us a proof of payment, for new customers we will wait for reflection of funds before we place your order.
After payment you can book a pickup date in the order view.

All details and documents will be sent to you via email and appear in the order view for download. You can always find your shipping order under my orders once you have started editing it.

Print out the waybill as well as the commercial invoice, the waybill must be attached to the box so the bar code can easily be scanned. Place the commercial invoice inside your box.
To avoid additional costs, please do not miss your selected pickup date. Hand your shipment and the first page of your waybill to the courier driver on pickup.

What does this cost ?

We do not maintain static price lists for international shipments, all shipping rates are requested in realtime, peak- and emergency surcharges, currency fluctuations and out of area fees will be included your online quote.

Who are your shipping partners ?

For our worldwide pickup and delivery service we offer special rates with DHL and FedEx. All deliveries will be handled door-to-door by our shipping partners without handover to the local Post Office.

I have a question about a shipment or an issue to resolve - who do I contact ?

It is part of the myEU service to handle all issues for our customers directly with our service providers. You will not spend any time in callcenter waiting loops, just contact us via phone, whatsapp or email. To do this efficiently please carefully read our emails and eg. provide outstanding / requested documents or payments as soon as possible.

What is the maximum weight and size you can handle ?

Different shipping companies offer different capabilities on their various routes - just see if you get an online quote for the required size and weight, else contact us for a manual quote.

Can I send a laptop or phone with a Lithium Ion battery ?

Yes, you can send laptops and phones, but they may require a special 'dangerous goods declaration' - please contact us directly before you place a shipping order containing any phones or laptops.

Can I send a box full of used clothing and personal things ?

Yes you can, please be aware that everything is dutiable, so even for small value and used items a customs declaration will be generated. It will either be required to upload a commercial invoice, or to capture all line items of the shipment in detail (value, weight, description).

I under-declared my shipment, now it is stuck

Every shipment will be weighed, measured and its content may be subject to customs inspections - any misdeclaration will lead to delays, additional costs and tedious processes for all involved parties.
Declare your shipment correctly and do not understate sizes or weights, else additional costs and delayed delivery times will apply before clearance can be granted.

my shipment is quite heavy or large, I didn't get any quotes on the site ?

If your shipment is overweight or overseized and eg requires a lift-gate, please contact us directly, we will happily assist you with a manual quote.

My shipment is not stackable.

If your packaging is not a cube / box please contact us for a manual quote,also please expect signifcantly higher delivery fees for non-stackable items.

Why does it sometimes take so long before I see my shipping rates.

Your quote request will be processed by a mutlitude of IT systems from various service providers, only once all have responded in structured manner results will be presented to you.
This can take up to 30 seconds, please be patient - we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have an idea how you could improve your service.

We appreciate customer feedback and would love to hear your improvement idea, please get in contact with us.

Can I pay the duty upfront (DDP) like with myEU Box ?

No unfortunately for our worldwide shipping service we cannot offer DDP shipments via the website, please contact us directly for DDP shipments and we will process your order manually.