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As we are shipping from anywhere to anywhere worldwide we are not able to maintain fixed price lists. Different carriers offer different rates on certain routes. With myEU you send one request to receive discounted quotes from various couriers. If you like a quote you can simply click on it to create a shipping order.

You can take your time to fill out the order details, it will be saved as draft until everything is complete and checked.
After payment you schedule a collection and receive the waybill (a fancy word for shipping label). All customs documents will be generated for you. Clearance fees are included and the recipient pays the duty.

We are happy to place your order or to assist you if you have questions, there is a whatsapp button on the bottom of the page, just quickly reach out. Do not be afraid to try this out, play around and create as many draft orders for testing as you like - until you have paid its all just data, nothing can go wrong or break.

How to get the best price

  • go to the shipping rates page
  • enter your package weight, the value and dimensions (LxHxW)
  • for more than one box click the little sign and add more packages
  • documents are cheaper - tick the documents slider on the bottom
  • you can enter the package details in US units (pounds, USD and inches) by ticking the units slider on the bottom
  • if you are shipping valuable goods you can use our extended coverage
  • choose your pickup & delivery locations, make sure the postcodes are correct
  • click 'Get Rates' and wait for 20 seconds
  • rates from different shipping companies will appear on the bottom of the screen
  • prices are given in Euro, US Dollar and South African Rand, all transactions will be charged in ZAR
  • Euro and US Dollar prices are indicative only
  • you can save or share the rates via whatsapp, social media or by copying the link

Some tips

How to place an order

  • if you like a rate click on it and you will be redirected to the order page (you must be logged in)
  • enter a billing address (if you don't want to use your own) by clicking on the 'Billing Address' card
  • to enter a collection address click on the 'Pickup Address' card and fill out all required details
  • on the top of the address screen, next to the flag you will have the option to select an address from your address book or to enter a new one
  • do exactly the same for the Shipping address, make sure the contact details are provided
  • as soon you enter a Company name a VAT ID and a Customs Code will be required
  • for personal shipments leave the Company field empty and provide a Personal ID number
  • once all addresses have been completed click on the 'Shipment Content' card
  • enter a detailed description for the shipment content (it must be 2 words and 10 characters minimum)
  • if you have a proper commercial invoice (see below) for your shipment you can simply upload it and you are done
  • without a commercial invoice you have to add your items manually
  • in the shipment content screen on the right click 'Add items manually'
  • enter a full desription for each separate item - the more information you provide the better (e.g. material)
  • you can leave the HS Code blank if you dont have one
  • for a 'documents only' shipment HS Code 49119900 will be suggested
  • if it is more than 1 item (eg in a box) fill in the quantity, the value and the item weight
  • once you click on 'Add Item' a list of shipment items will appear on the bottom
  • please make sure this list is a true and correct reflection of the shipment content
  • you can remove an item from the list by clicking the little '-' sign on the right
  • after you close the screen a customs compliant commercial invoice will be generated automatically
  • if addresses and the shipment content are entered correctly you will have the option to proceed to payment
  • click the 'Payment Method' card to chose if you want to pay via Card or by Invoice / EFT
  • if you pay by card your order will be submitted to the service provider immediately
  • for Invoice / EFT you receive the invoice and do the payment - after reflection of funds we will process your order
  • please also choose Invoice / EFT payment if you would like us to personally check that everything is correct with your order (you will still be able to pay by card after we have checked your order even if you initially selected EFT payment)
  • after payment you can schedule your pickup and you will receive your waybill (shipping label)
  • please print it out and stick it to the box, so that the barcode can be scanned
  • print out the commercial invoice, sign it and add it to your shipment

What do I need ?

  • an active myEU Subscription (no worries it's free)
  • solid, stackable packaging / box with flat surfaces
  • package details (weight, value and size - please round up to the next cm)
  • address and contact details for pickup and delivery
  • line item details (description, weight, value) or a commercial invoice
  • a credit / debit card or a bank account (non SA customers can use our SWIFT details)
  • customs code or ID number of the the importer / recipient
  • an available pickup date
  • a printout of the waybill and commercial invoice that needs to be attached to the shipment
  • depending on the nature of the shipment a duty payment for clearance by the recipient / importer

How to get rates

Enter your package details

Enter your package details

Enter your pickup & delivery location

Enter your pickup & delivery location

Select a rate

Select a rate

All worldwide shipments are delivered by courier to your door and are declared as ‘Delivery Duty Unpaid’ (DDU) – this means for these shipments the recipient will have to pay duty for clearance.