Why myEU.africa ?

What makes us special

In opposite to other European mailbox offerings myEU.africa is built with the African customer at heart. We have a clear understanding of the challenges and concerns African consumers face if they want to participate in international trade or e-commerce offerings.

Many international online shops and marketplaces do not even let you register with a non-European postal address and the international shipping rates typically offered to African countries are simply unaffordable.

Beside that – import processes can quickly become a nightmare, when unexpected duty bills appear and things get stuck at customs. Add some currency confusion into the mix and it is simply not happening.

The myEU.africa promise is to fix this.

Vflow Pty Ltd / myEU.africa is an independent, self funded South African company and brand. We are not only 100% black female owned, but also 100% committed to run a sustainable business based on personal effort and passion.