Sending Things

How to create a shipment

There are two easy ways to create a shipment from the items in your box

1. Quick Checkout

If you enable the ‘Quick Checkout’ Option and you hit the ‘Ship Now’ Button, a shipment will be created from the items in your myEU box with the Billing and Shipping Address that is configured for your profile under the ‘My Account’ section:

The myEU system will then request real-time quotes from our shipping partners, calculate the duty as well as the handling fees and will present you a variety of quotes:

Select a quote, click it – done !

2. Normal Checkout

If you wish to send the items in your myEU box to somebody else or you want to use a different billing address, make sure you disable the ‘Quick Checkout’ Option. Once you hit the ‘Ship Now’ Button you will be redirected to our ‘normal’ checkout page, where you can enter different billing and shipping details .

On the bottom of the page you will see the available shipping rates and a breakdown of your bill. Choose a shipping rate, confirm the terms and conditions and hit the ‘Proceed to Paygate’ Button – done !


Both checkout methods will then redirect you to our payment partner where you can choose your payment method and enter your payment details..

All quotes show you the shipping rates, applicable duties and handling fees including taxes – the Total Amount is what you pay from your postbox to the delivery address – period.

After payment a summary of your order will be shown to you – and a confirmation email will be sent to you – congratulations – your shipment is on its way !