myEU Box pricing

myEU Box Fees explained in detail

These fees only apply if you use our myEU Box in Germany.
They do NOT apply for the world wide shipping service.

Our aim is to offer a simple, enjoyable customer experience with a transparent fee structure - without surprises, small print and minimized red tape.

As most of our logistics costs incur in Germany, all handling fees are priced in Euro and marked out in South African Rand according to daily updated exchange rates. All handling fees will be charged when a shipment is created and paid by you, the exchange rate of that particular day will be applied as published below on this webside. All payments are processed in South African Rand and include South African VAT.

Due to the high shipment volumes in our logistics center, we are able to offer international shipping rates with up to 70% discount compared to normal retail prices. When you request shipping quotes on this website we obtain realtime shipping rates from our logistic partners, a shipment surcharge as per your monthly subscription plan will then be added to the myEU fees.

Should you or your business be interested in better rates & conditions for higher shipping volumes - please contact us and let's have a chat.

Monthly Subscription Fee

a monthly fee to give you access to our Business Subscription. As a rule of thumb you are better off with the Business Subscription, if you receive more than 4 deliveries with 2 items each a month.

Item Handling Fee

whenever we receive an item for you, this fee will be charged for checkin, storage and classification of your item, it will be charged per HS Duty code classification that we have to do

Small Item Fee

a reduced Item Handling Fee for parcels below a 0.5kg weight limit (e.g. small stuff, documents and letters)

Shipment Handling Fee

the Shipment Handling Fee is charged for each outgoing shipment we prepare and send for you – it covers shipment consolidation and re-packaging, packaging materials, customs declaration and dispatching

Extra Fees

should an item be oversized or overweight and require special handling or storage procedures we will charge an Extra Fee

Storage Fee

each subscription plan defines a free storage period for every item we receive and store for you, as soon you extend this free storage period this additonal fee will be charged per calendar day

Duty Surcharge

we add a duty surcharge of 5% on the total duty amount for payment processing and customs clearing

Exchange rate as of Thu, 11 Jul 2024 23:55:11 GMT : 19.58 ZAR/Euro