Using your box

Accessing you myEU post box and getting your myEU postal address

if you have just finished the Registration Process, after checkout you are logged in already and a new ‘MyEu Postbox’ section appears in the top menu – just click on ‘My Box’:

If you are coming in via our homepage just hit the ‘Login’ link:

and enter your email address as username and the password you selected on sign up:

Now you are in your myEU Postbox:

On the left side you will find your individual postal address in Germany.

Use this address in the exact same format as your delivery address whenever you order any goods.

When your box is created you will also receive all details via email.

On the right side you will find some very simple box settings:

  • show sharing options – enables the sharing buttons under your box details (see below) and item images (Advanced & Pro),
  • Quick Checkout – uses our 2 click checkout process (you must configure a default shipping address in ‘My Account’),
  • enable DHL Shipping insurance – if you use DHL you can safe even more money if you do not need insurance for your goods.

Sharing your box details on Social Media

If you tick the ‘show sharing options‘ setting you will see a couple of social media sharing buttons.

These buttons are loaded from our own servers and do not request any resources from any social media site that would allow the tracking of your myEU box usage – we strictly maintain your privacy at all times. If you do not like social media and do not want to see or use them – simply leave them switched off.

On creation of your myEU box we generate a little address card for you – by using the share buttons you can share this address card with friends and business partners to let them have your myEU address details. A link to you address card will also be in your welcome email, you can copy and use it, or download & share the card as PNG image.

your Inbox

After registration of course your box will be empty – in the lower section of the screen in future you will see all items we have received and stored in our warehouse for you.

jo .. your box really looks empty – time to hit the ‘Go Shopping‘ button and check out the handpicked list of exclusive shops and offerings in Europe we are maintaining for you !